Rokim Group limited is a limited liability company incorporated in the republic of Kenya with portfolios in Engineering, Trading and Energy. Rokim Green Energy is one of the portfolios of ROKIM GROUP LTD., with a track record in the provision of Renewable Energy Technologies. Our mission is to implement and transfer Green Technology in the context of providing a devolved, sustainable Energy supply as well as Energy conservation. This is achieved by exploiting the opportunities available within the area of innovation, Energy conservation and transfer so that we offer cheaper alternatives and Eco-friendly Energy to the Society.

We seek to implement and transfer Green technology in order to decrease global warming by reducing green gas emission, improve air quality thereby help in restoration of our environment. Rokim is a member of RENEWABLE ENERGY CONSORTIUM a company registered in Kenya with shareholding comprising of a consortium of the leading renewable energy firms in the region with diverse green portfolios of; Energy stoves, Solar cookers, Biogas energy , & Biofuels energy.This partnership was an opportunity to combine resources and develop a strategic vision in close concert with each other and exploit the opportunities available within the area of energy conversion by implementing and transfer of renewable energy technology so that we offer cheaper alternative and eco-friendly energy for a better society.

The Kenya Forest Working Group estimates that KSh2.4 billion of revenue from tourism, tea and energy industries is lost annually due to depletion of Kenya's forests.
Kenya's inability to step up production to meet demand has increased the country's reliance on costly electricity imports and wood fuel. In order to meet the projected energy demands, a sustainable energy supply is essential, and the opportunity arises with the harnessing of biogas which is produced by digestion of organic waste materials.We have covered a lot of ground in Biogas technology for institutions which saw as get a grant from EEP (Energy and Environmental Partnership) to construct a biogas plant to a boarding school in Kenya.

This was successfully commissioned at Othaya boys high school. We look forward to do a roll out of over 200 biogas plants to boarding schools within Kenya.

1. Consulting for LUNA EXPORT slaughter house biogas in Ethiopia.
2. In talks with MINIFRA Rwanda Government for biogas for schools.
3. Recruiting donors for roll out for schools biogas plants in Kenya
4. In talks with Heifer Rwanda for community biogas plants.

Energy Efficient Cook-stoves
The company has been involved in the production and distribution of quality, durable Improved cook-stoves for the last five years and has set up a modern cook-stove production facility at Kinoo, 15 Kilometers west of Nairobi along Waiyaki Way.

As part of Rokim commitment to the dissemination of Energy Saving improved Cook-stoves, the company modernized it’s production facility in 2015 and invested over $ 300,000.00 in facilities, tools and machinery to ensure production of high quality and durable cook-stoves. Currently, the company has a capacity to produce over 5,000 cook-stoves in a month. To date, the company has sold over well over 6,000 units from mid-2015 and is in the course to deliver 10,000 cook-stoves to ASAL regions of Garissa, Wajir, Isiolo, Marsabit and Turkana by third quarter of 2017.
Around FEBRUARY 2016, Rokim was contracted by Adeso for a USaid funded program, REGAL-IR for the design, fabrication, assembly and distribution of FEC stoves to ASAL communities in Garissa, Wajir, Isiolo, Marsabit and Turkana, ( These are people most affected by severe drought and hence, people affected by natural calamity). To date, the company is in the course of delivering 20,000 cook-stoves to Households in the regions through NATIONAL DROUGHT MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY, who took over after the exit of REGAL-IR. This is a five year Program.

The company has been involved in RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT and is always seeking consumer feedback on performance and utility of it’s products, adopting a human centered design approach in the design of it’s products which has led to good adaptation of the company’s cook-stoves by the market. Rokim adopts a market based approach in the distribution of it’s products and has a modern retail and distribution outlet at it’s head office at Kinoo. We are currently working with six distributors who take the product in bulk for selling to final consumers. The Market is further segmented to distributors, clients and institutional clientele with pricing based on volumes and terms of payments. Rokim Green Energy, has an offering of wood fired, charcoal fired and multi fuel cook-stoves. These are products of our commitment to cleaner and more efficient technologies that improve health and Environmental outcomes such as the reduction of emissions of black carbon and short-lived climate pollutants. Compared to traditional cooking methods, Eco-moto cook-stoves are a life saver! They are developed and Engineered to address the unique cooking habits of our different customers.The on offer are as enumerated below;

 Stove model   Fuel type   Thermal efficiency 
 Eco-moto 1   Firewood   29.5% 
 Eco-moto 2   Charcoal   33.0% 
 Eco-moto 3   Firewood & Charcoal   Firewood 24% / Charcoal 28% 
 Eco-moto 4 ( Lighter)   Charcoal   Firewood 35% 
 Salama stove 1 ( No Smoke)   Firewood & Charcoal   Firewood 30% 
 Eco-Gasifier 1 ( No Smoke)   Any dry Organic matter   Firewood 48% 

These are all Tier Two Efficiency stoves as per Global Standards.
Rokim is a member of both Global Alliance for clean cook-stoves as well as a member of Kenya cook-stoves Association .
Rokim also partners with Uganda Carbon Bureau to offer carbon credit component to our customers
Cook-stoves projects, carbon finance favors commercialized production with the ability to grow continuously and yield higher levels of emission reductions. Consequently, a higher income potential is possible.
Our stoves save around 3t Co2 per annum with a current carbon price of 10 euro per ton, our stoves would then generate a revenue of 30 euros per year for the next 20 years. This means that an order for 10,000 units can generate 10,000x 30 euros = 3000,000 euros per annum. This is approximately Kshs. 33 million per annum for the next 20 years.

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